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Why do you feel stressful

According to a new survey from American Psychological Association, the top five sources of stress in 2017 are: the future of the nation, money, work, current political climate, violence and crime.

These might be the sources of your stress, they are not the REASONS!

This is what I mean: these five factors drive your stress not in the same way that gravity pulls an apple down to the earth. As long as the gravity exists, an apple will fall. But that is not the case for your stress. If the future of the nation is really the reason of your stress, then you will be stressed forever until you can see a bright future of the nation. I hope that is not the case. I hope you can get rid of your stress way before that. And I think you can.

Then what is the truth reason for your stress?

Imagine the following circle representing the world you live in. Yes, you work around the clock set up by this world. A lot of things happen in this world and a lot of things waiting for you to do. All of these things do not just happen. Whenever something happens, it pulls on you. Just like gravity pulls on an apple. Now imagine another circle inside the first one representing yourself. When something happens on the first circle, your own circle starts to wiggle. Something has profound effects on you, some other things have very tiny effects.

The key point is that we all believe the first circle where everything happens is the world we live in. THIS IS AN ILLUSION. The truth is that we all live in our own circles.

A few facts of your own circle:

#1 your circle doesn’t exist on its own. It is closely correlated with the big circle – the outside world.

#2 your circle is not a direct copy of the big circle. What you feel from your circle is never identical to the outside world.

#3 Your circle is not a liner function of the big circle either. If the same thing happens twice, it pulls on you differently each time.

#4 Your circle is never the same as your spouse’s (or anyone else’s).

I met a lot people saying, oh, I feel so stressful because my boss pushes me so hard. OK, I feel sorry that your boss has not been very nice to you. But that is one thing on the outside circle. It happens, and it pulls on you. It is really how your circle responses to whatever happens outside that determines how you feel: stressful, frustrated, sad… or happy, energetic, hopeful…The truth is that we live in a world that build up by ourselves. You choose what you want.
Now let’s do a simple exercise to start turning on the power of healing!



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