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Volunteer Training

Bodhicitta has a central role in Mahāyāna Buddhism. It is a spirit of enlightenment, a spirit that strives toward awakening, empathy and compassion for the benefit of infinite sentient beings. This type of spirit is not only recognized in Buddhism, but in all other religious traditions and among those of no formal religious tradition. It is a fundamental part of the human experience. To volunteer, offering one’s heart and life, giving one’s time and energy, is one of the best way to practice Bodhicitta. In order to set an example, the Buddha himself volunteered to teach the Dharma of liberation and spiritual enhancement for fifty years after he became enlightened. To volunteer is required to finish the study. AZC has designed systematic training for volunteers so that they can serve others with wisdom and compassion, truly out of free will, kindness, humanity, and charity.



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