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Conflicts between staff and the boss

First, I would like to sincerely thank everyone for your participation today, trying to help me on the issues I had. The problem has been bothering me for 2-3 years now, and with the tool and all your help, I’ve found pretty good solutions customized to me and my situation in just 5 hours today, which is amazing!

Here is my experience on today’s session. After talking about the issues and all has come to my mind, I felt my tension got released. The summarizations helped to analyze and sort out the problems. With the second step, I could focus on the main problems and dig deeper into those and analyze. After the summarization, the problem to be solved appeared to be clear. In Step three, I chose the one that I really wanted to get solved and traced back to the sources. All the sharing’s from every and each of you provided me with various views, dimensions from different perspective, which was very helpful for me to open up my mind and see something I didn’t realize before. With that help, it was pretty smooth for me to rethink about the source and come out with the solutions. I was very much amazed - when it came to the Soundbites at the end of step 3, the words and sentences just flow out of my mind from my heart! I didn’t think at all, it just came out and appeared in my mind! After that, I felt very satisfied and confident that I can do it. The feeling from my heart is so strong. I felt that things are smoothed out and the congestions inside me are gone. I feel happy and peaceful.

This is a magical experience for me! As Sister Kong Ming said, the whole process is from the forms to the emptiness at the beginning - when talking about the issues, the details and backgrounds about them, it’s really a process of clearing things out of the mind through the flow chart; and then from the emptiness to the forms – with a clear and empty mind, the solutions appear. The magic moment was when the solutions appeared. It was so natural, which I felt like it was just there in my true heart. This tool and all of you helped me to find it.

At the end, I want to say that this tool is very powerful. Besides the magic, another best thing about it is the solutions are customized to myself. What I need is something working for me, which I could not get from somewhere or someone else. From my previous experience, tips/solutions worked for others may not work for me. But at the end of this session, I know clearly what to do and I’m confident they’re workable for me. That’s why in my solution I added this tool to my emotion control in future. I hope all of you will be able to learn and use this tool and get your problems solved, and experience the magic! I would be more than happy to help in all means!

Thanks again for all your participation, help and support! It’s so valuable and precious to me! There were multiple times I was so moved by your kindness and love!

Thanks tremendously to Sister Kong Ming being a great coach and all her hard work, Sister Jocelyn for all the work behind the scene, Sister Karen for the documentation, Brother Samuel for preparing the flyers, Brother William for the guidance and advise.

My sincere appreciation to all of you for making this such a magical and wonderful experience to me!



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