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Experience as a coach

 I would like to share some words as a coach.

1. First of all I really appreciate this great opportunity and the trust of the client. Throughout the whole process that I could feel her pain and sufferings at the first part and her relief and joy toward the end, and I could also see what I have been through in the past . I strongly and clearly feel that we are all similar in one way or another, we are not alone and we all need help, therefore, we help ourselves by helping others.

2. It is a great learning and self-reflection opportunity for me as well.  Via this case (and previous ones) I deeply feel that it is not easy for each one of us to live and grow in this illusory world, which help me further grow my compassion, empathy and understanding toward others. It also let me realize how terribly my ego and judgemental opinions might affect/hurt others, and I must and have to watch my words, behaviors and thoughts closely. The inputs of all participants also enlarged my  eyesight and enriched my knowledge.

3. I was very much touched by those soundbites which the client came up with, they are so beautiful and flow so naturally from her heart. Lots of those words could be applied as life guidelines not only for her but for others as well.

4. It is also a healing process not only for the subject but also for the participants as well.  I am thrilled for the client, she finally saw the light after have been walking in the dark tunnel alone for so long. The strong power of this coaching approach has been self-proved.

5. I feel that I am very lucky to be there as a coach witnessing all these magic moments. Nothing could be more rewarded than seeing others have their issues resolved, their pains and sufferings relieved, their problems turned into chances for growing toward being better, and their troubles transformed into Bodhi(wisdom).

It is a process toward becoming awaken, finding out your inner wisdom and realizing how powerful you are!

                                                                                          Olivia Tian



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