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Practice needs to be balanced by a good amount of knowledge of Buddha’s teaching. AZC encourages practitioners to study Buddhism scriptures and literature in a systematic and comprehensive manner, in order to deepen the understanding of the principles of Buddhism and the processes of inner transformation, and to support our own Buddhist practice. From Theravada Buddhism to various lineages of Mahayana Buddhism, Buddha's teaching is very comprehensive and covers every aspect, while individuals usually find it difficult to establish a whole picture. We designed the courses based the three stages of the path to enlightenment so that student can study Buddhism systematically.
Course Schedule
1st year = Level 1 and 2; 2nd year = Level 3 and 4; 3rd year = Level 5 and 6

Level 1 The stages of the path to enlightenment
Level 2 The Theory of Karma, precepts

Sutra to study: Sutra of the Wise and the Foolish, The Discourse on the Ten Wholesome Ways of Action, Sutra of the Buddha's Last Bequest
Level 3 The Theory of Emptiness and No Self
Sutra to study: The Heart Sutra, The Diamond Sutra, The Platform Sutra
Level 4 The Theory of Bodhicitta
Sutra or Literature: A Composition Urging the Generation of the Bodhi Mind, The Aspiration of Bodhisattva SamantabhadraPure Conduct Chapter
Level 5 The Theory of Pure Land
Sutra or Literature to study: The Buddha Speaks ofAmitabha Sutra, Contemplation Sutra, The Buddha Speaks of Infinite Life Sutra, Biography of Sages of Pure Land Buddhism
Level 6 Biography of Masters
Sutra or Literature to study: The life of Milarepa, Pure Land Zen - Zen Pure Land (Letters from Patriarch Yin Kuang),The Legacy of Zen Master Xu Yun, Lectures from Patriarch Lian Chi, Chronicle Accounts of Han Shan's Life Events



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