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This is a unique program that integrates three components of Buddhism study: solid Buddhist practice, systematic study of Buddhism scriptures and literature, and applicable techniques that aims to solve real life problems in the context of Buddhism.

This program lasts for three years. Student can register at any time. Once registered, there will be an orientation session in which student will get instructions and materials to study. Student can attend orientation either online or on site.

Practice: Please click here for the practice methods. All studetns are required to practice on a daily basis. Students should record how much time they spend on practice each day and report online.
Study: A whole spectrum of Buddhism theory, from Karma and cause & effect to the concept of emptiness, from four noble truths to the spirit of enlightenment, will be covered in sequence. Please click here for details. In the first year, one is required to finish Level 1 and 2. In the second year, one is required to finish Level 3 and 4. In the third year, one is required to finish Level 5 and 6.
Volunteering: All students are required to finish 100 hours of volunteer work each year.



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