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You deserve a stress free life

What is unique about this program: We believe that the essence of stress reduction is not reduction, but personal growth. We designed the entire progrom based on four stages of stress reduction: reduction, growth, change and creation. These four stages are achieved by integration of three meditation techniques: moving meditation, breating and drawing meditation. These techniques will not only help you get back the inner peace but also help to tune your mindset for your lifelong personal growth.

Who should take it: If you feel stressful and suffer from it; if you want to tune your mind to a better condition; if you want to improve your ability to resolve daily problems; if you believe that mindset is the most important thing for your personal growth; if you want to help those who suffer from stressful life.

How does it work: This program consists of four live, in-person classes and guided practice at home in between classes. The class will take place once a week during the weekend for four successive weeks. Each class takes two hours. To participate you need to register to get enrolled.

When does it start: Send us email about the next sessions.

What is the cost of this program: $198 for the entire program if you pay all at once. $59 for each class if you choose to pay in installments. 



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