Inner World, Outer World

What you need: two pieces of white paper, color pens.

On the first piece of paper, write down all your feelings at the moment, in a spiral pattern shown below. Those are all the wiggles on your circle. To get the maximum power of healing, write down the details. Don’t pay attention to the logic between the words you write down. Just catch the wiggles in your mind.

exercise 1
For example, in the first circle, I write down “I am angry”, then I start with details “she does not listen to me” (this statement really is my feeling, I think she is not listening, she may have a different opinion). I can keep going along this line, and write “she is so stubborn”. Or I can jump to another feeling I have, that is “I feel lonely”, and then “no one cares about me”, “I want to cry”.

OK, I think you get the idea. Now it is time spend some time with yourself, really listen to the voice from inside, and write it down.

Once you are done, on the second piece of paper, write down what happens that makes you feel so, in the same spiral pattern. This time, you want to be objective. Try to write down the facts, not how you feel or how you think. These are what happens on the outside circle.

exercise 1
For example, I write down “she did not let me finish talking”, “she interrupted every sentence I tried to say”. And I write down those corresponding to my other feelings, “I am the only one left home”, “I am sick but I have to cook”.

Again, spend some time with yourself and write it down.

When you finish, it is fun time. Take your favorite color and draw dots, lines and simple shapes on your graph. Enjoy!
exercise 1



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