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Retreats and Camps

 Zen Retreats

  • Live in an peaceful environment with long awaited serenity
  • Enjoy healthy and delicious vegetarian food  
  • Loosen up your rusty body with Dharma exercises
  • Learn fundamental knowledge and key points of Buddhist practice
  • Experience the purifying power of various forms of meditation

An unforgettable journey calling to your inner peace and spiritual growth, the Zen retreats provide a wonderful opportunity to deepen understanding of Buddhism, to promote solid practices, to cultivate body-mind-spirit, and to experience a spiritual getaway. Open to practitioners of all ages and all levels of experience.

 Winter / Summer Camps for the Youth

Our winter / summer camps for the youth are designed to be very informative and entertaining. At our camps, the participants will be immersed in a mix of educational classes and fun activities, with the great opportunity of studying the basics of Buddhism, experiencing yoga and meditations, memorizing parts of Buddhist texts such as Sutras and Mantras, learning Chinese calligraphy, creating innovative artworks, participating in fun games, and making good friends. More importantly, the participants will learn to be kind, grateful, and respectful to everyone and to the world.

Please check the Schedule Calendar for our upcoming retreats and camps.



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