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Zen-Life Seminars & Workshops

Seminars: Cloud Thinking

You may love the concept of Zen, you may enjoy meditation, you may be fascinated by the idea that we all have the faithful Buddha nature. However, in your daily life, you may still be asking: how to deal with the problems I encountered on daily bases in a “Zen” way?

Remember, the Buddha’s teaching actually did not start with the word Zen. Rather, it started by observing, identifying, explaining, and resolving our real daily-life problems, such as the pains of birth, oldness, illness, and death. As everybody is facing different problems, the Buddha introduced many ways towards resolutions and awakening. We choose what is the most appropriate for each individual’s particular situation, and then practice, practice, practice.

Similarly, there is a systematic and holistic approach that can help us becoming more mindful in our daily life, and can help to resolve our problems as well as to achieve ultimate happiness of liberation. Cloud thinking is a way of analyzing real-life problems by treating all related elements equally, thinking globally, organizing elements more efficiently, eliminating the boundaries in your thoughts, and identifying the best solutions as well as alternatives. This seminar will introduce you to a series of very interesting tools that can guide us toward cloud-based, mindful thinking.


Workshops: Cloud Reading - How to Read Any Book in One Hour

We have entered the world of Big-Data. Almost every day we are under the pressure to learn more in less amount of time. How can we quickly learn, act, and create values in this fast-pacing world? We need a “Zen” way of thinking, a systematic and holistic way of thinking.

The cloud reading technique, is a systematic fast reading strategy. It is not in favor of reading word by word, page by page, which may take too long and be too boring. Keep in mind, the real purpose of reading, is to equip us with new ideas that could allow us to think through, digest, and potentially create real values through behavior change. Such real values may change yourself, your family, your community, or even the world! The ideas and the potential values of a book, instead of being in the explicit words, are usually beyond the words and behind the book – they are in the author’s mind – why the book was written, what are the critical elements in the book, and how such elements are organized.

This workshop will provide you useful techniques of using cloud thinking tools to quickly analyze a book, capture the author’s mind, extract and organize the critical elements based on time, space, people, matter, relationships, etc., and help you to conclude what you have learned and how it may change you.


Seminars: Healthy Eating

Our number one suggestion towards healthy eating is simple: go veg! According to Vegetarian Times, there are so many health benefits of being a vegetarian, including but not limited to: warding of diseases, keeping your weight down, building stronger bones, reducing your risk of food-borne illnesses, easing the symptoms of menopause, having more energy, avoiding toxic chemicals, and living longer. Besides, eating plant based food allows you to help reduce pollution, reduce famine, spare animals, cherish and respect all living beings.

This seminar will explain the above benefits with informative videos and discussions, and will provide you useful guidance on how to eat healthy with balanced nutrition as a vegetarian. For attendees who are new to vegetarian diet concept, this seminar will provide you useful starting tips.


Workshops: Making Your Own Buddha Statues

We believe that success and happiness in life depend on how much merit one has accumulated in the past. Therefore, it is wise to find out how to accumulate merit by creating the cause for success. You need to have accumulated a lot merit and be fortunate to achieve ultimate liberation and actualize bodhicitta.

Then why do we make Buddha statues? Because Buddha said, “there is not one single difference between making offerings to me now and in the future, with devotion, making offerings to my reflections. The merit is equal and the result is equal.” By making your own Buddha statue, you are taking the opportunity of making offerings to Buddha, and demonstrating your faith in Buddha, Dharma, and Sanga. Therefore, it is an opportunity to accumulate merit.

Welcome to join this fun activity! We will provide all tools, materials and instructions. You will make your own Buddha statue and bring home. Kids are welcome too!

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